Delivery and Returns

Delivery, Acceptance, Damages

7.1 Delivery is provided as a one-man kerbside service only unless otherwise agreed and stated on the invoice. The driver may help to carry Items into the property in some cases on a voluntary basis but is not obliged to. If this happens, the Seller accepts no liability for any damages that may occur to either the Items being delivered or to any other property during the delivery process beyond the kerb.

7.2 The Seller has the right to contract third parties for delivery.

7.3 All Items should be inspected and signed for at time of delivery by the Buyer, subject to being delivered in good and satisfactory condition.

7.4 Any damages caused during transit should be highlighted by the Buyer and photo evidence provided to the Seller within 48 hours.

7.5 In the case that transport has been arranged by the Buyer, then the Seller cannot accept any liability for damages caused in transit.

7.6 It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that large or awkwardly shaped Items (e.g. corner units, larder units and island units) can be manoeuvred into the room of the house they were intended for. The Seller will accept no responsibility for Items that cannot be delivered for this reason. If units need to be returned to the Seller for adjustment before being re-delivered to the Buyer then the Buyer will be solely responsible for the cost of the adjustments, collection and re-delivery.

7.7 Wherever possible, a delivery time (AM or PM) will be given on the due delivery day, however the Seller is not liable for late deliveries unless the time is outside of reasonable hours, or more than 3 hours outside of an agreed time.

7.8 The Goods will be delivered to the delivery address specified on the invoice.

7.9 Delivery of the order shall be considered complete upon signing of Delivery Note by the Buyer.

7.10 The Goods will be become the responsibility of the Buyer from the time of acceptance of delivery.

7.11 Any damages or defects must be stated on the Delivery Note in writing by the Buyer and agreed by the Driver.

7.12 If Items are not unwrapped immediately on delivery, the Buyer must notify the Seller in writing within 48 hours of any defects or issues (including provision of photographs).

7.13 The Seller is not liable for late or non-delivery on the specified date where the circumstances are outside their control (e.g. adverse weather, natural disaster, traffic accidents, road closure or severe congestion).

7.14 The Seller may decline to deliver the Goods if:

– it is believed that it would be unsafe, unlawful or unreasonably difficult to do so; or

– the premises (or access to them) are unsuitable for the delivery vehicle.

– the Buyer is not at the address at agreed time of delivery or refuses to accept delivery for any reason. In this case, the Buyer will have the right to store the Goods until subsequent delivery takes place and charge a reasonable sum to cover expenses incurred which shall be the original cost of delivery (required to be paid again) and a storage fee of £20 per m3 per day, based on the dimensions and volume of the Items.

7.15 Ownership of the Goods will only be passed to the Buyer when full payment in full has been received by the Seller of all sums due for the Goods, including delivery charges.

7.16 If the Buyer postpones delivery within four weeks of the original agreed delivery date then the Seller reserves the right to charge a storage fee of £20 per m3 per day, based on the dimensions and volume of the Items, as it’s likely the kitchen will have already been made by that point. If the new delivery date falls more than a year after the original order was placed, the Seller reserves the right to amend the cost of the Goods to reflect their current prices.

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