In-Frame Kitchens Kent

Historically, the majority of kitchens were crafted In-Frame. This means that cabinets, doors and drawers fit within a wooden frame for strength and stability. With the rise of modern free-standing designs and frameless modifications, In-Frame kitchens started to decline amongst kitchen buyers all over the world. Recently, In-Frame kitchens have been returning and growing in popularity, this is due to the classic elegant style and well-known durability. 

Here at Woodliving Kent, we can create beautiful In-Frame kitchens which are tailored specifically to you. Our highly skilled team of craftsmen have many years of skill and experience to create a kitchen which is stylish, durable and highly efficient.

There are many different benefits of In-Frame kitchens such as;

Stylish & Elegant

In-Frame kitchens are well known for being very stylish and elegant, they are beautifully crafted with a variety of options for you to customise your kitchen. The organised and efficient layout of these kitchens is what gives them their unique charm and popularity. The In-Frame design helps to create a spacious look within your kitchen as there are no cabinets and drawers hanging out, producing a smart and arranged style.

Durable & Reliable

In-Frame kitchens are well known for being extremely durable, reliable and long lasting. Doors, drawers and cabinets are supported by the surrounding frame which makes the whole structure strong and stable. In-Frame kitchens are made with traditional, skilled cabinetry and high-quality materials such as solid wood. This makes them extra durable and they are cost-effective in the long run as they require very little maintenance or repairs. Here at Woodliving Kent, our highly skilled team of craftsmen will create your In-Frame kitchen with skill, care and the finest materials so that your kitchen is strong and lasts for many years of use and enjoyment.

Stronger Cabinets

In-Frame kitchens are fitted onto a solid wooden frame using butt hinges on both sides. This creates a strong bond so that the hinges won’t loosen or weaken over time. With a flat pack kitchen, you will generally find that they are mounted into a carcass using hinges that are screwed onto a chipboard. Over time, the sheer weight of doors and cabinets may cause the cabinets to drop out of line and weaken. This will not happen with an In-Frame kitchen as the solid wooden frame prevents any misaligning of doors and cabinets, keeping them strong, sturdy and firmly in position.


Periodically, In-Frame kitchen designs were limited to traditional styles. Times have now changed and they can be adapted to look more modern and in with the times. As your In-Frame kitchen is handmade, it can be tailored to meet your individual style preferences. You have plenty of freedom to play around with the design to give it a modern twist or retain its classic look. There is an extensive range of colours to choose from so that you can pick a shade which can match your colour scheme and existing interior in your home. Your chosen colour will give you a kitchen which looks beautiful and personal to you.

At Woodliving Kent, we are proud of our ability to create stunning bespoke In-Frame kitchens. We have an extensive range of different cabinets, drawers and accessories to perfectly suit your kitchen so you and your family can enjoy it for many years to come.

If you would like any more information about our finest In-Frame kitchens, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Woodliving Kent. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you to get started on your kitchen project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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