Kitchen Fitting Service


Designing your kitchen, choosing WoodLiving to craft the individual components of it and then having the furniture delivered to your door, are all key elements towards putting together the kitchen of your dreams. However, having your solid wooden cabinets fitted and scribed, with appliances housed correctly and the worktop/s correctly installed are also essential jobs that need to be considered when planning and budgeting for your new kitchen. 

All our clients are free to take undertake this work themselves or use a qualified fitter of their choice if they so wish, however, WoodLiving can also step in and help. Our own professional kitchen fitting service is a cost-effective option and, considering nobody knows our furniture better than us, one that we'd highly recommend. Furthermore, if your WoodLiving kitchen (from either the Classic or Totally Bespoke ranges) is fitted by us we will also provide you a three-year warranty, which guarantees the structural integrity of the fitted kitchen as a whole (nb individual units themselves are covered by our standard lifetime guarantee).

As each and every job is unique, we will provide you with a free quote tailor-made for your kitchen, if you so wish, along with your pro-forma invoice prior to ordering. If you choose to use our service, our fitters will require that your kitchen space is suitably prepared prior to delivery of the cabinets and/or our fittings team arriving to install them. We have provided a free guide, which may help you better understand the fittings process (including a flow of pre-installation work) here.

For further details on the WoodLiving Fittings Service, please contact our Customer Service Team on 01227 286535 or