Kitchen Ordering Guide


There are a wide number of variations to consider when ordering your kitchen, all of which are highly important in terms of its visual impact, practicality, and final cost. The following guide has been designed to highlight the most important points you’ll need to decide before you order your WoodLiving kitchen, along with a summary of the ordering process itself, including lead times, at the bottom.    

Points to consider during ordering:

  • Style of Kitchen – The WoodLiving Classic Pine Range or The  Bespoke:  At present we offer two types of kitchen which we manufacture ourselves: our standard range of modular ‘in-frame’ units (The Classic Pine Range), fit together underneath the countertop of your choice to form a solid, unified and timeless looking kitchen, or The Bespoke KItchen  whereby we’ll make the furniture of your choice, to create the kitchen of your dreams. Bespoke items, including units from our standard range that are modified to your request, are generally charged more than standard items of a similar size, as more time is required in the design, preparation and manufacturing process. We will make an individual drawing for any bespoke item which must be confirmed by email prior to manufacture. Both types of kitchens will be handcrafted in the UK, made out of solid wood throughout and guaranteed to last a lifetime*. Update (20th March 2018: we now also offer a standard Solid Oak Kitchen range - see Kitchen Ranges for full details).   
  • Types of Wood: The prices for our Classic Pine Range are for cabinets built out of solid, sustainable pine (which tends to be cheaper than using hardwoods, whilst also being durable). We are happy to take orders for the same units, as well as any bespoke items, in a number of hardwoods (including Beech, Oak, Walnut, and Cherry). For your reference, Oak tends to be the most common hardwood we work with, due to its light colour and price, whilst Walnut (the darkest of our natural woods) is also a popular choice. We will only ever manufacture solid wooden pieces of furniture but can use a hybrid of hardwood and pine in a single piece to bring down the cost (i.e. hardwood face, tops and frame, pine drawer bases and sides, back panels etc). 
  • Countertop/worktop options: The cabinets in our Classic Pine Range (and new Solid Oak Range), as advertised on this site and in our brochures, do not include a worktop. We offer a wide variety of worktop options, in a choice of pine or hardwoods, as well in stone, granite, quartz, marble and slate, which will need to be ordered separately. The standard thickness of our worktops is 40mm and will be cut to size prior to delivery. Wooden worktops can be ordered either unfinished or pre-lacquered (if required – please let us know your preference when ordering). We would be more than happy to discuss supplying you worktops with different thicknesses or from alternative materials, as we strive to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. 
  • Painted, treated or unfinished: Our standard paint finish is a water-based acrylic in an ‘Egg-Shell’ colour, which has specifically been designed for wooden cabinets and kitchens. It’s a very durable paint that can be wiped down and cleaned with ease. We offer a selection of popular colours, working with any colour from the market-leading Dulux or Farrow and Ball ranges, and can also match to a particular colour, if required. Alternatively, we can stain and wax, or lacquer you cabinets if you prefer a more 'natural wood' colour finish. All cabinets are properly prepared prior to painting, including fine sanding, knotting and two coats of undercoat/primer, sanded between each coat. We also apply two top coats which are sprayed to give an even finish. If you prefer to be supplied your kitchen furniture untreated, just let us know and we'll arrange delivery of your cabinets and worktop sanded, knotted and ready for you to finish at home. 
  • Cornice or no cornice: That is the question! Some suppliers suggest that no wall cabinets in your kitchen are complete without a cornice, but of course this entirely a matter of taste and style. As a general rule of thumb, the addition of a standard WoodLiving cornice adds more of a classic feel to a kitchen, whereas wall cabinets that are hung without a cornice offer  look that's more contemporary. 
  • Hinges: Classic golden-coloured butt hinges are used on the doors of standard units in our best-selling Classic Pine Range, but we can also offer alternative colours (free of charge) in silver or a dark brown finish. However, if you’d prefer a different colour or even a different type of hinge entirely, such as a case or concealed hinge, just let us know and we’ll do our best to find you exactly what you’re looking for from one of our suppliers. Remember, every little detail makes a difference, so consider the colour of your kitchen and the style you want to achieve. Also, it’s important to consider which side of every door you’d like your hinges to be fitted to – please let us know at time of ordering. 
  • Handles: Please note that cabinets in our Classic Pine Range don’t come with handles as standard. This is due to the wide difference in colours and styles that our customers choose for their own individual kitchens and homes. We do offer a number of handles directly (please see link in the hardware section of our website or ask one of our sales team at the time of your order, who’ll be more than happy to help). If you prefer to order your own handles and would like us to pre-drill holes in all the right places, again just let us know when making your order. 
  • Plinth/Kickboard: As with cornices, careful consideration should be given to the style of the plinth that covers the base of your cabinets. WoodLiving provides two standard options for our Classic Pine Range: one where the plinth lies on outside of the cabinets and the other where the plinth (or kickboard) is recessed, just behind the legs. Alternatively, you might prefer no plinth at all (but be mindful that kitchens can be notoriously messy places!). 
  • Shelves: All base cabinets with doors (full height or drawer-line) will come with an adjustable/removable shelf. Wall Cabinets will also be supplied with a single adjustable shelf. We can provide additional shelves if required, but you will be charged for these additionally (clearly specified on the invoice).
  • Scribing: If all walls and floors were perfectly level, fitting a kitchen would be much simpler and in many cases (especially new builds) this is the case. All cabinets in our Classic Pine Range are built so that their frames sit perfectly flush with their sides and to a level wall. However if scribing is required ( which in layman’s terms means 'to closely copy the profile of a surface onto an adjacent material, then cut and fit the material to match this profile’) then this should be stated clearly on the drawings and invoice (the overlap space should be stated in mm).

Ordering process and notes:

If you’ve decided on a final design for your kitchen and are ready to order items from WoodLiving’s Classic Pine Range (or any other standard item on our website or brochure), the process couldn’t be simpler. You can either purchase these directly from the website or preferably contact us directly, via phone or email, so we can talk you through your order and issue you with a final invoice (for payment terms see below).

Alternatively, if you’d like a WoodLiving Bespoke Kitchen or an individual piece made, need some help with your kitchen design by our in-house team of professionals or you’d like us to come for an on-site measurement and consultation, please refer to the following:

  • Drawings and inspirational photographs:  We will accept any of your drawings for a Total Bespoke kitchen (or individual units), via scans sent by email. It is essential that you specify the final dimensions on these, using millimetres only. Alongside drawings, we would also be pleased to accept photographs of similar individual items or whole kitchens which you are inspired by – these can be really useful during the quotation process. Our team of master craftsmen can also refer to inspiration photographs during the production process and are able to recreate the style of any solid wooden piece or even a whole kitchen.  
  • Quotations: Once you have provided us with drawings for a Total Bespoke kitchen or individual piece of furniture, we will first provide you with an initial written quotation (via email) free of charge and usually within 7 days.
  • Design Service: Should you be interested to proceed further we offer a design service whereby we can provide a set of scale drawings (floor plan and wall elevations) or for the individual piece of furniture based on the quotation. The cost of this service is £40, payable in advance. Thereafter any revisions and amendments are charged at £20 per hour based on drawing and consultation time (including email correspondence). The initial £40 is refundable, should you decide to proceed with the order. Further details are provided here. 
  • On-site measure up & consultation service: Our measuring and consultation service involves one of our professional kitchen designers visiting your property. The charge for this is £150 (+ fuel expenses to and from our workshop in Aylesham, Kent). The service will include a detailed measurement of the area, plus a one hour consultation from the designer, in order to fully understand your requirements and explain what we can offer. We refund up to £75 from this charge should you choose to proceed with ordering. 
  • Invoice & Drawings: Once you are ready to go ahead and order, you should contact us in the first instance and we will start to prepare an invoice. The invoice will act as the main contract of sale and each item will clearly stated and described on it. It is therefore very important to check the invoice thoroughly, prior to payment of deposit, to ensure all items are included and described correctly. Each cabinet, fixing, worktop, appliance, service and any other associated cost will be described and priced separately and the combined total in pounds sterling also shown, inclusive of VAT. Also note:
The dimensions included on the invoice and shown on any designs/drawings that we’ve produced as part of the design service (above) are an accurate representation of the finished cabinets to within a 2mm tolerance. The drawings should also be checked carefully prior to manufacture and correlate exactly to the items as described on the invoice. In case of any discrepancy, the invoice will be considered as correct.
Any final drawings provided by us with the invoice will include a set of individual cabinet plans which will include further detailed dimensions. Such drawing will need to be printed, signed and returned to us within 7 days from receipt of deposit (scanned / emailed or posted). It is also advisable to give the drawings to your fitter or builder to check over prior to confirming. 
    • Lead times: The following lead times for individual items of furniture and/or whole kitchens are all approximate at time of writing and only come into effect after payment of the deposit, as stated in the invoice, or the whole amount owed. Lead times refer to how long the units will take to be produced in our workshop and final delivery dates will be dependent on availability of our drivers, although this usually within the same week as we’ve completed production:
    For items in our Classic Range and standard worktops -2 weeks.
    For individual bespoke items and non-standard worktops - 4 weeks.
    For entire Total Bespoke kitchens - 8 weeks.


    • Payment terms: For all orders up to £1500 we require payment in full at the time of order. For higher value orders we require 50% deposit on order (but minimum amount £1500). The balance will be required 14 days prior to the agreed delivery date or on completion of cabinets (whichever is sooner).  Full payment will be required prior to delivery.
    Bank transfers should be made to the WoodLiving Ltd account (details will be provided on the invoice) and must be showing as cleared by our bank before being considered as received.
    We accept card payments, subject to a surcharge of 3.75%.
    Paypal payments are also accepted subject to surcharge of 3.5%.

    If any of that sounds complicated, don’t be put off. Our friendly customer services team are on hand to talk you through the ordering process and will be available for a free consultation at any time, from point of enquiry though to post-sale, and will help in any way they can.