Shaker Kitchens Kent

Shaker kitchens are stylish, warm and elegant, they are very appealing to homeowners of all ages and tastes. Shaker kitchens can suit both modern and traditional style kitchens and can be adapted to fit in with the times; this is what makes them so popular and sought after.

A common misconception of a  shaker kitchen is that it will look outdated in the near future; is entirely untrue. Shaker kitchens are timeless and look just as fashionable and in many years time. With the use of the right colours and finishes, you can keep your shaker kitchen looking beautifully traditional or modernised to adapt with the times.

At Woodliving Kent, we take care to ensure that our hand painting or spray painting methods are of the highest standard and skill. This is extremely important to achieve smooth, even results and the reason why hand spray painted kitchens should only be printed by professionals like ourselves.

With all bespoke kitchens, having them professionally hand painted by a skilled craftsman is important. The correct colours and painting skills will compliment your bespoke kitchen furniture and cabinets. Many people will try and paint their kitchen themselves and this could leave you extremely dissatisfied and disappointed with the finished result.

Here at Woodliving Kent, we can help you to design and craft your ideal shaker kitchen. With a wide range of different colours, shades and finishes; you can truly personalise your shaker kitchen to suit your style and personality. Our highly skilled team will work closely with your ideas to give you a beautiful and timeless finish.

Shaker kitchens are made with the highest quality materials and clean simplistic designs. The design works well to make your kitchen highly practical and easy to use. Many traditional shaker kitchens have hanging cabinets which give your kitchen a sense of balance and symmetry; perfectly accommodating the rest of your kitchen interior. The high-quality solid wood and simple square-framed design give the shaker kitchen a combination of style, versatility and practicability. The flexibility of a shaker kitchen enables you to embrace your own individuality and add personal touches so it is tailored to you.

Shaker kitchens are made by highly skilled craftsmen and use simple designs which look sophisticated and modest. They have the ability to remain in style for decades and can be adapted to keep up with the times; this is why shaker kitchens are a great investment and quickly rising in popularity

Another main reason why shaker kitchens are highly popular is that they are extremely strong, durable and hard wearing. Years of traffic and heavy use will barely affect your shaker kitchen and it will look and perform as good as new in many years to come. Here at Woodliving Kent, we only use the finest high-quality materials and highly skilled craftsmen; this combination is what makes your shaker kitchen strong, stylish and functional. Our precision craftsmanship and close attention to detail guarantees that your finished kitchen will be smooth, flawless and exactly how want it. 

We regularly carry out testing and inspections of our kitchens to ensure they meet the highest possible standards and perform to last. You also have to option to choose additional features for your shaker kitchen such as; chalkboards and peg rails. Our extensive choice of colours and painting options gives you the freedom to be as bold or traditional as you like. The variety of shades and finishes helps you to highlight or blend your kitchen in with your existing interior, allowing you to achieve the kitchen you have always dreamed of. Our dedicated team excel with customer communication and adopt traditional principles, this means that we will work closely with you from start to completion of your project; keeping you fully informed throughout every step of the process.


A shaker kitchen is a wise investment, the beautiful timeless style, high practicality, longevity and durability makes it a perfect living space for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come.If you would like any more information about our finest shaker kitchens, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Woodliving Kent. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and help you to achieve your ideal shaker kitchen. We look forward to hearing from you.