Solid Wooden Kitchens Kent

Solid wooden kitchens are well known for their strength, beauty and practicality. They are full of character, warmth and charm which makes your kitchen feel homely and timeless. Whether you prefer traditional or modern style kitchens; a wooden kitchen has the ability to retain all of its natural features and wood grain patterns for an elegant and ageless look.

Here at Woodliving Kent, we can help to design and build your perfect wooden kitchen to suit all of your needs and tastes. We can craft almost any design you require, achieving different themes such as; classic, country, rustic or periodic style kitchens for your perfect living space.

Our highly skilled craftsmen use the finest high-quality wood; this is what makes our solid wooden kitchens so beautiful and durable. Solid wooden kitchens are also environmentally friendly and give your home a natural feel, this is another reason why they are becoming extremely popular.

Solid wooden kitchens are usually made from the finest high-quality woods such as Oak and Pine. Both of these woods have pros and cons depending on your requirements. At Woodliving Kent, we can help you to determine which type of solid wood is perfect for you.


Pine is a great option for those on a budget, it is relatively lower in price than oak but can still look just as elegant and beautiful. However, Pine is not as strong and durable as oak as it is a softwood, this means that it may not last as long as oak but it is a great alternative. Pine can be crafted and painted to almost any design so it holds a lot of flexibility for your ideas. Pine can look elegant, beautiful and have a smooth, even finish; giving you a beautiful kitchen for you and your family to enjoy.


Oak is a harder wood, therefore it is extremely strong and durable. Oak kitchens are perfect for larger families and are able to withstand years of heavy use. Oak can be considered as the finest luxury wood, this is because it is full of strength and beauty with prominent natural grains and patterns. Oak kitchens can look truly elegant and give your home plenty of warmth and character, therefore it is a practical choice for a long-term home.

There is no winner when it comes to your choice of wood, each type of wood has different qualities and features which can suit you perfectly, depending on your needs and requirements. At Woodliving Kent, we can help you to choose your perfect type of wood and craft your kitchen will skill, precision and close attention to detail.

Solid wooden kitchens have been around for many years and remain a firm favourite kitchen material amongst homeowners throughout the world. Nowadays, many kitchens are made from artificial materials which can make your kitchen appear cold and uninviting. With wood, you can ensure that your kitchen retains its warmth and homeliness for a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Wood will never be outdated and can be easily adapted to suit the times. It is flexible, strong, practical, beautiful and easy to maintain, saving you time and money in the long run.


At Woodliving Kent, we work closely with you to ensure your solid wooden kitchen is exactly how you want it. With precise measurements and close inspections, we ensure that you will receive a kitchen that is beautiful, smooth and the highest in quality.



If you would like any more information about our solid wooden kitchens, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Woodliving Kent and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We can discuss your ideas to help you get started on your upcoming kitchen project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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